Monday, August 25, 2008


என்னுடைய "கல்லெறியப்பட்ட கனவுகள்" கவிதையை நண்பர் தணிகைவேல் மொழிபெயர்த்திருக்கிறார்.

Kaalyeriyapatta Kanavugal - Stones of Nostalgia

Like a toe that has been caught between the doors : The separation of ours pours the blood on the path of love

The hugs and kisses of ours have been forgotten by the phase of history :But the humming of yours still rhymes in my ears

The same sound that has been merged with the mother of breeze

When you uttered that our love is like a ocean, could not understand the philosophy of love,

since I am a novice when it comes to the art of swimming

Watching the window while lying on the bed….The landing of drizzles on the lap of tree…..

reminds me the reality that our love that has crossed the bridge of a decade

When the soul was craving for solace…. When the hair and heart of mine had the rarest honor of being curled and hugged by your soul!!!

The result is as the history proclaims with vanity “The jewel on the crown of love has started to lit the darkness of Universe’

But the same love that has been lit by you has burnt the flesh, bone, soul, nerve, heart of mine into ashes

It is not a strange expectation that when you are on the life of normality…Should not expect that a known stranger who is taking care of wounded flowers to be noticed

Not much difference between I and the fish rather a fish whose cave is made up of castles of glasses

It is a fact of reality that you are always not in my memory but when ever the memory of mine is filled with the thought of ours…

The face of mine shrinks like the Sun when it goes to the state of dusk

When you were nearer to me, I was like a tree which had the power to give birth to flowers even when the temperature clocked 100 Degree

Now when the same mother – temperature 4 Degree – The tree rather to code is as I - without the roots !! why talk about flowers and branches?

Forget Never – Never forget - The letters of yours with these phrases makes me to giggle often…

When the enemy is religion for our Love – would not have bothered to pull the sword

When the enemy is caste for our Love – would not have cared to lay down the life

But when you wanted me to defeat you in the war of love so that I will be honored with the trophy with the wordings carved in it

“Defeater is Lover and the winner is Love”

A Question to you

Is this is the war to be fought with the weapons of sword and pistol!

No… It is the war to be won with the fragrance of Jasmine….

PS: The entire street of ours is filled with the wounds and scars and remains of my dreams and reality.