Tuesday, August 26, 2008

மொழி பெயர்ப்பு

என்னுடைய கறுப்புத்தங்கம் கவிதையை நண்பர் தணிகைவேல் மொழிபெயர்த்திருக்கிறார்.

Enn karuppu thangam

It was you who was with me during my journey when the whole path was full of thorns

Now when the path is turned into roses you are far away from my vision

The unwritten and unexpressed love of us now

Lying on the ground like a art which is cluttered with dust

Like a chicken which is slowly emerging from the shackles of egg

The words from my mouth is emerging after breaking the story of silence

When I am on the thoughts of your love

The tears of my eyes hits the mirror and flows like drops of rain

The thoughts of you hits my heart and pulverizes like the pieces of glasses

Though the phase of love surrendered to the dimension of time and history

Yet can the thoughts of love be overtaken by it ?

Even when the tears fallen from eyes/heart have become wet

Still I am on the path filled with those days of Nostalgia

Like the sweat that is shining on the hands of the old man who carries a bunch of leaves

Still the first sight of love of yours is still shining in the memories of mine

The footprints of a cow on the bank of a river reminds me of

The cute face of yours which is lying deep in the transcended state of my heart

When friends turn into backstabbers.... There is none to take care of my wounded heart

Even in the present phase of my life, a time comes often where I am being carried away by the memories of those rare moments of the past love

At time during the mid of night when I am awake suddenly and until I go back to the state of sleep.......... The bridge of the above is being filled with the thoughts of our love

No matter when the nears and dears behave like a storm or cyclone.... Yet I am in the normal state of watering a plant and started learning the art of showing the glimpses of smile on the mouth.........though the heart is wounded with the phases of love...

I am wish you to be in the state of an infant in my heart

Time delivers a baby

But love in one delivery gives so many phases to life

Not knowing that I am was wounded once again this night with the agony of past love....

The Sun is slowly emerging on the East

-[Translated by Thanigaivel]



Ithai thamizhil padikkavillai naan, eninum arumaiyana karuththukal.